TENWOMENSTRONG brings together dynamic and inspiring women to lead their life on purpose.

We believe that every woman is talented, wise, and powerful.

 Our mission is to understand where each woman is in her life and to give her the tools, training and encouragement that will take her where she wants to go.

 We believe there is no shortage of happiness, only a shortage of life to be happy.

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TENWOMENSTRONG - Portugal July 2023

Welcome to an AMAZING opportunity!

In April 2022, after shuttering our beloved and highly successful in-person leadership programs, Lyssa purchased a property in Portugal, and Carolyn began an around-the-world adventure. 

Serendipitously in November 2022, we came joyously together in the same country to explore how we may serve our global community of women.

We talked. We walked.

We listened to each other, And to the sounds around us.

We became more alive. We made a commitment:

To start anew from a place of strength and possibilities.

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A place to be YOU in community!

The TENWOMENSTRONG Leadership & Travel Adventure in July will be a one-of-a-kind transformational event.

Lyssa and Carolyn are dedicated to bringing you a truly unique and personalized experience at Quinta Kaleidoscope.

Here you will connect with YOU and your place in this special community.  Our program is designed following the A.C.E. Process:
  • Start Authentically
  • Explore Creatively
  • Live Expressively

In addition to our core curriculum, your experience will include a range of activities.

We meet you where you are and provide you with the tools and encouragement to take you where you want to go. All the while you are enjoying the best of Portugal!

A space for expansion, integration and ingenuity!

You are a woman looking for more --  a deepening, a joining. A more intentional way of being -- of leading your life on purpose.

This unique program combines the structure of our signature life leadership program.
Start Authentically. Explore Creatively. Live Expressively.
It will be exciting, yet not exhausting. Deep AND up lifting. 

It will privilege the feminine principal and be regenerative and holistic.

We can't wait to welcome you to be part of it!

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TENWOMENSTRONG Portugal Leadership & Travel Adventure

It is YOUR time! A regenerative and holistic experience in Portugal.

13 July


Arrival Day - Humberto Delgado Airport to Quinta Kaleidoscope

Welcome to Lisbon! Plan to arrive by 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, 13 July. Our driver and welcome team will meet you at the Lisbon airport. Together we will travel about 60 minutes to Quinta Kaleidoscope in Vendas Novas.

After you check into your room, you will have a few hours to get settled and rest before our Welcome Dinner. 

Enjoy a good night's sleep!

14 July


Opening Session - Start Authentically

Buffet breakfast of assorted delicacies -- including coffee, teas and juices.

Morning Session #1 -- Start Authentically

We begin with authenticity. What is really there. Who we are. What is going on in the situation. We probe, pull back and examine to understand what is – in life and in work. We intentionally dive into an awareness and understanding that goes beyond the superficial review or analysis. 

Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. ~ Brene Brown

For the afternoon, we will have lunch out and travel to Montemor-o-Novo Castle.

Back to Quinta Kaleidoscope to enjoy leisure time before dinner in the evening.

15 July


Program Session - Explore Creatively

Buffet breakfast of assorted delicacies -- including coffee, teas and juices.

Morning Session #2 -- Explore Creatively

Creative endeavor is nourishment and only from a place of authenticity are we able to truly create. By using a series of exercises and experiences to re-spark and re-ignite. We each need to feel creative and alive in order to be engaged in our life and our work. 

A creative life is an amplified life. It's a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life, and a hell of a lot more interesting life. Living in this manner--continually and stubbornly bringing forth the jewels that are hidden within you--is a fine art, in and of itself. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

For the afternoon, we will have lunch out and travel to Gandum Village - a village with a purpose.

Back to Quinta Kaleidoscope to enjoy leisure time before dinner in the evening.

16 July 


Program Session - Live Expressively

Buffet breakfast of assorted delicacies -- including coffee, teas and juices.

Morning Session #3 -- Live Expressively

Live expressively means to put it out there. Make it happen. It is the focusing and prioritization and equipping of the plan to make it happen. And then it’s the doing it, saying it, being it. Show the players, the market, the world.

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. ~ Martha Graham

For the afternoon, we will have lunch out and travel to Evora - a historic world heritage site.

Back to Quinta Kaleidoscope to enjoy leisure time before dinner in the evening.

17 July


Expansive & Mystical Adventure

Buffet breakfast and lunch at Quinta Kaleidoscope. Time for integration and organization before launching ourselves to the heavens! Pack a small bag for our adventure.

Depart at 3:00 pm for an overnight under the stars. The new moon is the perfect time to visit Monsaraz.

New Moon in Cancer (17 July) - The Moon is in its comfort zone in Cancer, so this is a time for peak lunar energy. This emotional energy can feel quite powerful at the Cancer New Moon, where we pick up on our inner feelings about feeling ‘at home’ with ourselves and others.

Together we'll take our authentic, creative and expressive selves into the expand into the dark sky and observatory.

Dinner will be at a local restaurant and we will stay at a quaint B&B in Alqueva.

18 July


Exploration & Integration Adventure

Our day begins with a light breakfast before heading out for exploration and integration of our learning. 

Some of the areas to visit include:

Xerez Megalithic Enclosure

Monsaraz Castle

Back to Quinta Kaleidoscope for dinner and to pack for our morning departure. 

19 July


Ingenuity & Community Adventure

Our final day as a community, we begins with our buffet breakfast.

Together, we pack up and jump on the train from Vendas Novas to Lisbon. After depositing our baggage in a locker, we take the train to the wonderful land of Sintra

We will explore Sintra, while activating our own ingenuity. Being inspired and delighted by the inventive and nourishing landscape. We will conclude with a lunch and train ride back to the Lisbon station. From there, you may depart for your hotel or the airport.

Our community time continues on from wherever we are in the world! 

Meet Your Co-Leaders

Our highly qualified team of women coaches and consultants bring their many years of organizational experience and their development and enrichment skills together to provide our clients with customized and personalized programs that deliver results for the “whole-person”. 


Agility & Leadership Coach

Raise your voice. Expand your influence. Lead with impact.

Lyssa is a strong supporter of women in the Agile community. As part of the TENWOMENSTRONG coaches and co-leaders consortium, Lyssa offers special opportunity to strengthen and lead with impact. 

To learn more, see Lyssa's bio.



Chief EnJOYment Officer 

Women leaders are our future and Carolyn’s focus is meeting women where they are and providing them with the tools, training and support to lead their life on purpose.

Carolyn is the owner and founder of TENWOMENSTRONG — a certified woman-owned global coaching and consulting organization.

To learn more, see Carolyn's bio.


TENWOMENSTRONG Leadership & Adventure Travel Program

Registration Opens 08 March 2023 - International Women's Day!

Leadership & Adventure Travel - 13-19 July


Customized & Personalized Leadership & Travel Adventure Program

6 Nights Shared Accommodations:

5 nights Quinta Kaleidoscope & 1 night Alqueva B&B

All Meals, Snacks, & Light Beverages

All ground transportation, train tickets, and adventure admissions

Limited to 10 Participants

*Does not include airfare, travel insurance, and other expenses not listed.

Questions & Answers

Itinerary & Program Updates

In order to provide you with the best experience, we may adjust the program components due to weather or other schedule considerations.

Accommodations & Transportion

All accommodations and transportation are shared. Rooms will have two guests per room and ground transportation is based on our community traveling together.

*Note: Our program concludes after visiting Sintra on Wednesday, July 19. 

Meals and Beverages

At Quinta Kaleidoscope, all meals are available to meet your special dietary considerations. Six weeks before your arrival, we will gather your specific requests. 

When dining out, we will do our best to ensure a good selection of options. Although gluten-free is not a "thing" in Portugal. :)

Wine and cocktails will be an additional cost.

COVID Protocols

For the safety of our guests and our local community, we recommend vaccinations and encourage you to test before embarking on this adventure.

Travel Insurance

We request you purchase travel insurance to ensure your peace of mind and safety.....

More Questions

Surely there are more questions!? REACH OUT TO CAROLYN!


WhatsApp: +1 7813674075

At TENWOMENSTRONG, we know that every woman is talented, wise, and powerful. And that, while we are fully capable as individuals, we can achieve MUCH more when we journey together. 

TENWOMENSTRONG Circle of Generosity

At TENWOMENSTRONG, we are committed to giving back with every forward action.

As we become stronger and express ourselves in the world, a sister organization is supported as well.

A portion from every program is donated to support women around the world through our Circle of Generosity.

Circle of Generosity



“I am more aligned with my purpose. Kick started desires and dreams. The power of having support and encouragement when you are self-employed. Being around people that talk the same language -- you get things DONE. And the perspectives of other women from around the world”



“The experience of participating in this program awakened not only the power of women, it also provided a toolbox of skills that I will use throughout life to help me live purposefully. Carolyn’s support and embrace has forever changed my life as a woman.”

TENWOMENSTRONG Corporate Leadership Program


“There is nothing like a sisterhood of women journeying together. If you don't have a community of women that you can brainstorm with, be REAL with, and take action, TenWomenStrong is essential.
Make time.
Find the money.

TENWOMENSTRONG Inclusion & Equality Statement

TENWOMENSTRONG programs are for cis- or transfeminine women. In other words, if you identify as a woman, are non-binary or gender non-conforming, and feel good about being in a circle with women, we welcome you with open arms!
We are dedicated to inclusive equality for all women -- across race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and political affiliation. We know there is much work to do. We are committed to doing our part -- listening, reading, learning, volunteering, donating, voting, supporting and raising the voices of those most silenced among us. 
We grieve together, and we rise together.
We are the leaders the world needs now.
We lead life on purpose. Our purpose is now.
Together we are stronger.