Influence & Impact for #WomenInAgile

Monday, September 26th  3:00 - 5:30 p.m. ET

Influence & Impact for #WomenInAgile

Live Event with Lyssa Adkins and Carolyn Dragon

Monday, September 26th  3:00 - 5:00 p.m. ET


Want to make a stronger impact?

Have more influence?

INFLUENCE & Impact in the Agile World

You are a talented and wise Agilist. You have experienced the joys of working Agile – and some of the not-so-joyful moments, too.

You can see the positive impact you have had and yet….and yet, there are those situations where you just haven’t had the influence or impact you would have liked. Maybe it’s with a leader several rungs up the ladder from you. Or maybe it’s with a team member whose behavior is horrible but tolerated and you feel called to do something about it, but all of your attempts so far have flopped.

We all have those places where we don’t shine well, where we abandon ourselves a little (or a lot) or where we get “de-skilled.”

What if you could create a way to see the habits of mind that shrink your influence and mute your impact?

What if you could re-imagine and open to new possibilities?

Lyssa Adkins, supported by Carolyn Dragon, leads you in a 2-hour interactive workshop designed to grow your influence and strengthen your impact.  

Be there for an intimate and profoundly transformational program.

Includes Q&A, on-the-spot coaching 

Zoom - LIVE EVENT - No recording. No replay.

INFLUENCE & Impact in the Agile World